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  • Bergamot Sage Botanical Shampoo

    Bergamot Sage Botanical Shampoo

    For Normal to Oily Hair

    Deeply cleanses, removes residue and revitalizes with botanicals Shikakai & Ritha. Organic Sage & Bergamot invigorate the senses. Sulfate-free.


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  • Brahmi Nourishing Hair Oil

    Brahmi Nourishing Hair Oil

    For All Hair Types / Conditioner

    A deep conditioning treatment to nourish, help reduce dry, flaky scalp conditions and restore manageability with Brahmi, Hibiscus & Lavender.

  • Geranium Rose Botanical Shampoo

    Geranium Rose Botanical Shampoo

    For Normal to Dry Hair

    Cleanses, restores luster and smoothes dry ends with botanicals Hibiscus & Amla, while organic Geranium & Rose delight the senses. Sulfate-free.


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  • Healing Neem Oil

    Healing Neem Oil

    For All Skin Types / Problem Skin

    A cure-all for chronic skin conditions, irritation and blemishes with pure Neem, Basil & Lavender. Also good for cuts, hives, post shaving, sun guard...

  • Neem Mint Botanical Shampoo

    Neem Mint Botanical Shampoo

    For All Hair Types

    Cleanses, nurtures, soothes & helps strengthen follicles with botanicals Nettle & Gotu Kola, while organic Mint refreshes the senses. Sulfate-free.


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  • Organic Hair Nutrients

    Organic Hair Nutrients

    For A Healthy Scalp

    To nourish the scalp, help stimulate hair growth and prevent dry, flaky conditions with healing botanicals of Neem, Rosemary & Eucalyptus.

  • Organic Herbal Hair Cleanser

    Organic Herbal Hair Cleanser

    For All Hair Types

    Ayurvedic herbs of Shikikai, Ritha & Triphala deeply cleanse, nurture hair follicles and balance scalp conditions without altering the skin’s pH.


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