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For Very Sensitive Skin
For even the most sensitive skin, this gentle and effective cleanser with organic Milk Powder, Neem and Aloe Vera calms, soothes and balances.
For All Skin Types / Eye Makeup Remover
A non-exfoliating formula of organic Aloe, Lemon & Sweet Orange helps soothe, nourish and lightly cleanse. Effectively removes eye-makeup.
2fl oz/60ml
For Rosacea / Very Sensitive Skin
To calm redness and alleviate rosacea conditions with cooling Brahmi, soothing Neem, Carrot Seed and Calendula. For chronic conditions, follow with Rosacea Treatment Lotion.
.5fl oz/15ml
For Rosacea Conditions
An effective treatment for rosacea, redness, hypersensitivity and inflammation using healing botanicals of Karanja, Turmeric & Barberry.
1fl oz/30ml
For Dry / Very Dry Skin
Nourishing, mineral-rich blend deeply rejuvenates, helps minimize lines, promote cell renewal & bestow luminescence with pearl essence & 22 amino acids.
For All Skin Types / Oily
A light, cooling blend gently hydrates and relieves blemished, irritated or sunburned skin with organic Aloe & Brahmi. Also great after shaving.
For Blemishes / Problem Skin
Relieves blemishes, irritation and inflammation with Calamus, Neem & Sandalwood to clear and decongest skin. Also great for cuts and bug bites.
2fl oz/60ml
Out of stock
For all skin types
One of our top sellers! A natural, non-clogging blend of Neem, Rose & pure Zinc Oxide nourishes & effectively protects against UVA/UVB rays.
2fl oz/60ml