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4 Key Benefits of Sun Salutations

January 7th, 2023  By: Sara Wafia

Translated from the Sanskrit term surya namaskara, sun salutation is a movement of linked asanas that awaken the mind-body system. An essential sequence of vinyasa yoga, sun salutations is the easiest way to prepare your mind and body for the day ahead. It rejuvenates, empowers, and enhances physical stability. The benefits of sun salutations can be enjoyed by those just starting their journey with yoga while being a fundamental practice of the most devoted practitioners.  

“With every asana we do, if linked with the breath, we are connecting ourselves to the universal cosmic energy.” - Dr. Pratima Raichur

While intended as a sunrise ritual to fully harness the power of the sun’s glowing energy, performing this flow whenever you wake up will still offer profound benefits. Aim for anywhere from 6-12 flows, and always be mindful of your breath. 


4 Key Benefits of Yoga's Fundamental Morning Flow


1. Sun Salutation is a Life-affirming Ritual

It improves circulation, oxygenates and purifies the blood, stimulates the endocrine system, activates all 7 chakras, and balances the five doshic energies of air, space, water, fire, and earth.

2. Sun Salutation is a Full-body Workout

This exercise strengthens the core, awakens the muscles, improves coordination, and aligns the spine. Regular practice opens the lungs, activates the digestive system, and revitalizes the entire body. 

3. Sun Salutation Invokes the Life-force Energy of the Sun

When performed at dawn, as intended, sun salutations warm and revitalize the entire body, enhancing our innate immunity. It increases strength, flexibility, and receptivity. 

4. Sun Salutation is for Everyone

Regardless of skill, this powerful flow can be performed by anyone in its full or modified form. It balances the entire physical, energetic, and mental body.


12 Poses of Sun Salutation

Most yoga experts align on 10-12 asanas, or poses, to complete one full sun salutation, with many poses familiar to beginner-level vinyasa. The asanas of sun salutation are:


  1. Pranamasana (Prayer)
  2. Hastauttanasana (Raised arms)
  3. Hastapadasana (Standing forward bend)
  4. Ashwa Sanchalanasana (Equestrian)
  5. Dandasana (Stick)
  6. Ashtanga Namaskara (Salute with eight parts)
  7. Bhujangasana (Cobra)
  8. Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward facing dog)
  9. Ashwa Sanchalanasana (Equestrian)
  10. Hastapadasana (Standing forward bend)
  11. Hastauttanasana (Raised arms)
  12. Tadasana (Mountain)

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