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Healing Neem Oil


For all skin types & problem skin

Size: 4 oz


A cure-all for chronic skin conditions, irritation, and blemishes featuring pure neem, basil, avocado, and essential oils of sandalwood and lavender. An Ayurvedic super-herb, neem oil is naturally antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory. This skin-healing formula also contains fatty acids, which promote wound recovery and maintain the skin’s health.

Healing Neem Oil offers an ideal solution for a wide variety of skin conditions, including rashes, acne on the face and body, hives, cuts and abrasions, shaving and waxing irritation, cold sores, blisters, flaky and sensitive scalp, bug bites, athlete’s foot, and warts. Neem’s protective qualities also offer natural sun defense when layered beneath sunscreen and can be used as an insect repellent on the body, on pets, as well as plants.

A PRATIMA Skincare best-seller.

PRATIMA Herbal Body Oils are essential skincare for the wellness and radiance of the body’s external tissue. With a molecular density is similar to the skin, these pure, herbal body oil blends penetrate through all 7 layers of the skin to provide vital nutrients that nourish, hydrate, and improve skin function. The nurturing, devotional act of applying oils to the body is a cherished, time-honored ritual in Ayurveda. It is no coincidence that sneha, the Sanskrit word for love, comes from snehana, the Ayurvedic ritual of oleation.

Beauty editor love for Healing Neem Oil:

“Whether you're dealing with irritation, breakouts, inflammation, or redness, this natural oil can rescue skin. PRATIMA Skincare Healing Neem Oil may be used as a cure-all for problem skin conditions or to protect the skin from wind burn, excessive dryness, and chapping.” - PopSugar

Ideal For

All skin types

Body acne and blemishes

Dry, flaky scalp conditions

Natural first-aid for cuts and scrapes

Natural bug repellent

Supplemental sun protection

Shaving and waxing irritation

Fungal treatment for athlete's foot and warts


Neem*, Avocado*, Brahmi*, Basil*, Sandalwood*, Sunflower*, Rose*, Lavender*.

*certified organic

Explore our complete ingredient glossary.

How to Use

Massage a few drops on moist skin on affected areas as needed.

Pairs well with:

Healing Neem Oil



A perfect first-aid and outdoor activity companion, Healing Neem Oil adds sun protection to the skin and heals minor skin surface accicidents while protecting from the natural elements.

Healing Neem Oil can be used as a natural plant insecticide when diluted with water.

Care & Shelf Life

Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight and moisture. Recap after each use. Since this formula contains no artificial preservatives, please use within 5-6 months.

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Beauty Editor Approved

“Whether you're dealing with irritation, breakouts, inflammation, or redness, this natural oil can rescue skin. PRATIMA Skincare Healing Neem Oil may be used as a cure-all for problem skin conditions or to protect the skin from wind burn, excessive dryness, and chapping.”

"A friend and client turned me on to PRATIMA and I am obsessed with her skin-care products."

"PRATIMA products are organic and chemical-free, and have ingredients like sandalwood, lentils, coriander, and orange peel. Everything is gentle, and smells simultaneously earthy and delicious."

Therapeutic Specialty Care

With nature-intelligent formulas derived from healing Ayurvedic herbs and botanicals, PRATIMA specialty care rituals target the source of imbalance for lasting, effective results you can see.

Personalized Ayurvedic Skincare Recommendations for your Dosha

Ayurveda describes the Doshas as natural forces of energy that help us classify our mind-body characteristics, including our skin. Learn more about your Dosha and receive your customized Ayurvedic skincare ritual.


Customer Reviews

Based on 81 reviews
Sara Berndt
Gift for the skin

This oil is so nourishing and healing. The bottle size is generous and the fragrance is lovely. I’m extremely sensitive to smells and was a little worried that it would smell like the neem I use in my garden. Not even close! You can tell a lot of love and care went in to creating this gift for the skin. We use it on blemishes, bug bites, dry patches and any spots in need of a little tlc.

Lisa L.
Miracle in a Bottle

I was introduced to Pratima's Neem Oil by my MIL when my babies had diaper rash and none of the other more western products were helping. A little glug of this miracle oil during diaper changes and all symptoms of diaper rash were held at bay, a true gift for all involved. I've continued to use this oil on any skin condition that has popped up over the years and have found it to be both nourishing and soothing. My family and I are so grateful for this product!

Kelly Britt
Love this!

This healing oil is just lovely- light, smells amazing, and really heals skin- love it!

A must have in your home

I purchased this oil shortly before experiencing skin allergies/itching. It's been an absolute life saver. I went through the whole bottle in just over month and am reordering. It's a unique medicinal oil that's very soothing to the skin

Fragrant and soothing

I knew that Neem oil was useful for a variety of skin issues. I had purchased a bottle of organic Neem oil several years ago from a different company and the smell was so intense and offensive to me that I ended up throwing it out. After ordering a sample of the Pratima Neem Oil and delighting in the much gentler fragrance, I decided to order an entire bottle.

Food for the Skin

Our Ayurvedic formulas are created exclusively with pure, natural, whole-food ingredients that your skin can easily recognize, without harmful synthetics and chemicals.

Handcrafted in small batches wth no artificial preservatives.

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