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Faq | Treatments

What should I wear to my treatment?

Before your spa treatment, you will be provided with a robe, disposable undergarment and slippers that can be worn during your treatment, as most of our body treatments utilize pure, organic oils. We do have a shower, for your convenience, in case you wish to remove the oils from your head and body following your treatment, however we strongly recommend keeping them on for at least a few hours to reap the optimal nutritional benefits of the oils. If you do decide to leave the oils on post treatment, please take this into account when choosing your clothing.

Can I wear makeup to my appointment?

Wearing makeup to your appointment is completely optional. During facials, if you choose to wear makeup, our esthetician will remove it, as it is important for the skin to be cleansed prior to treatment. If you are scheduled for a massage or a consultation and would like to remove your makeup beforehand, we will be more than happy to provide you with the appropriate products to do so. We do offer a facial massage as part of the body treatments, so if you decide to wear makeup and would like to leave it in tact, please notify your therapist before beginning your treatment.

How do I know which treatment service is best for me?

Our staff will be more than happy to help you determine the best treatment to suit your needs. Simply contact us at (212) 581-8136 or email us at Please note that all of our services are designed to be customized to each guest's specific skin type, condition and dosha.

Is it okay to eat before or after my spa treatment?

It is best to eat lightly 1-2 hours before your treatment. There should be no problem having a meal following your treatment.

If I am unable to visit the spa, can I have products shipped to me?

You can order PRATIMA products online at you are interested in placing an international order, we ask that you contact PRATIMA Spa at 212-581-8136 to obtain ordering instructions and fees depending on your location.

Do you offer prenatal and postnatal massage?

Yes, we offer both pre and post-natal massage. For prenatal massage, we recommend massage treatments be experienced between 5-7 months. For postnatal massage, we recommend checking with your primary doctor before booking a treatment.

If I am menstruating, can I have a massage?

When making an appointment, keep in mind that it is not advised to have an Abhyanga massage during the first three days of menstruation. If your period comes on the day of your massage appointment, we do have an array of services that can be offered in its place, however we do recommend calling us as soon as possible so that we can best accommodate the change in treatment.

Do you sell Gift Certificates?

Gift Certificates may be purchased in person or online here for any of our spa services or for a specific dollar amount.

Faq | Wellness Consultation

What is an Ayurvedic Consultation and how long is it?

Each Ayurvedic consultation varies as each person has unique needs. Dr. Pratima Raichur works with you to address your individual concerns, making your consultation an effective and proven way to heal, treat and remedy imbalances and maintain general wellness. A combination of internal and external treatments, prescribed herbs and optimal nutrition guidelines will be recommended to work in accordance with your dosha and remedy any imbalances. Each consultation lasts approximately 30 minutes. If this is your first consultation, please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment to ensure that you are able to fill out the necessary new patient forms.

What is the difference between a phone consultation or in-person consultation with Dr. Raichur?

While it is a unique and wonderful experience to sit in person with Dr. Raichur, phone consultations are offered for those who are unable to visit with us in person, and are just as effective and intimate an experience. Pratima has forged many successful patient relationships and effectively healed imbalances via the phone for over 30 years. If you wish to schedule an in-person or phone consultation, please contact us at 212.581.8136

How do I determine my dosha and find the best diet/nutrition regimen for me?

When scheduling a consultation with Dr. Pratima Raichur, she will personally work with you to determine your dosha, as well as any imbalances you may be currently experiencing. In addition, she will formulate the best diet & nutrition guidelines to address your needs for optimal health & wellness.



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