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Treatment Rituals

Explore our collection of sublime, multi-sensory experiences that will transport you to a world of profound healing and complete rejuvenation of the mind and body.


120 min | $282

Designed specifically for men’s body and skincare needs, experience pure serenity with an individually tailored Men’s Ayurvedic Facial followed by a de-stress Scalp Massage Treatment and concluding with Padabhyanga Foot Reflexology to bestow ultimate organic grooming, disintegrate tensions and restore the body’s natural accordance.


150 min | $302

This blissful full body experience combines an individually tailored Ayurvedic Facial with our traditional Marma Abhyanga Massage to unlock deep-seated tensions and bring optimal radiance, balance and peace of mind.


120 min with two therapists | $494

Your transcendent path begins with a Four-Hand Abhyanga, performed by two therapists who expertly lull the body, mind and senses. A nurturing Scalp Massage Treatment and Padabhyanga Foot Reflexology simultaneously ensue to harmonize opposing energies and realign the body’s natural accordance. A final Shirodhara session melts away any last remaining tensions and blissfully escorts the consciousness towards complete enlightenment. A truly one-of-a-kind wonder not to be missed.


210 min | $459

Take a voyage and renew your entire self with our half-day indulgence that combines three of our most celebrated services. This therapeutic journey consists of an individually tailored Ayurvedic Facial, a complete head-to-toe Lepana Abhyanga Body Treatment and culminates with a calming Shirodhara session to melt away tension and provide an ultimate sense of bliss and tranquility. Ideal during season changes, times of high stress and prior to important events.


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