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Our team shares their own PRATIMA favorites!

View Pratima's Favorites Dosha: pitta / kapha
Dosha: pitta / kapha

"Ayurveda has been my way of life since I was a small child. My family growing up practiced Ayurveda and I continued to do so with my own children and grandchildren. It has been my passion for over 50 years to share this wisdom of lasting health, wellness, balance and beauty."
Vata Herbal Cleanser

"As my skin continues to mature, I become more susceptible to dryness and dehydration. This cleanser is made of herbs that purify my skin while hydrating with protein-rich botanicals."

Nourishing Essential Oil

"This unique blend of 7 different essential oils is the perfect "food" for my skin. Always massage in an upward circular motion to help the oils penetrate and heal your skin. I also love the scent and enjoy having this added aromatherapy during my skincare routine."

Age Delay Serum

"The botanical pentapeptides are the key ingredient in this formula that help delay the look and feel of aging skin. This formula is perfect for anyone and can be used to both prevent and correcting the signs of aging."

Pitta Balancing Body Oil

"Oil massage is one of the single most beneficial things you can do for your skin. I perform a self Abhyanga massage each day to help increase circulation, push toxins out of my body and nourish my skin with oils that penetrate deeper than any lotion or body cream can to keep my skin glowing and healthy."

View Rosemarie's Favorites Dosha: vata / pitta
Dosha: vata / pitta

"When I discovered Ayurveda, it was like finding 'the one'. It's my go-to guide for almost everything I do in my daily rituals: from choosing warm nourishing foods to balance my Vata digestion, to my daily self massage with herbal oils, and opting for grounding exercises like pilates, yoga, meditation, pranayama & laughter (important for the NYC stress!). I even incorporate Ayurvedic care to my kitties! "
Vata Rejuvenating Body Oil

"My can't do without product! It's like being wrapped by a smooth-dual silk and cashmere blanket. I will never ever be concerned with dry skin. It's my daily ritual and must do after shower and before bedtime. I also use it as my face/eye makeup remover. And the simple act of massaging it on my body helps me detoxify and tone. Plus, the aroma is remarkable!"

Saffron Eye Ghee

"My can't-be-without product! Truly nourishing, hydrating, and brightening, it keeps my under-eye area line and wrinkle-free. I massage under my eyes twice a day and sometimes 3 times in the winter. I also use it on my lips to deeply hydrate and prevent lines around the mouth and nourish and soften my cuticles."

Rejuvenating Essential Oil

"This super nourishing and reparative oil is my go-to for dry winter skin, around the eyes, decollete and even on my cuticles!"

Organic Herbal Body Cleanser/Mask

"The best body cleanser and soap substitute! It cleanses better than a soap, without stripping your skin. On the contrary, your skin actually feels more hydrated after. After I hop in the shower, I sprinkle it on wet skin, and massage all over thoroughly cleansing and gently exfoliating my body, leaving it super smooth and glowing."

View Jocelyn's Favorites Dosha: pitta / vata
Dosha: pitta / vata

"Practicing yoga every day started as a great way to keep in good physical shape and quickly transformed into an essential ritual to balance my mind and emotions. I also try and make it a rule to never eat in front of a tv or computer screen."
Rosacea Essential Oil

"While I no longer have super sensitive skin (thanks, Pratima!), I still use this formula because it helps me feel confident that I am giving my skin essential daily nourishment and age-supporting nutrition without risking inflammation. It's also just an immediate complexion enhancer, offering a beautiful super-glow! "

Manjistha Discoloration Lotion

"While I personally use this product all-over my face, I have noticed that it has faded speicifc blemish marks over time. It also adds an extra layer of hydration in my skincare routine and I've defintiely seen a noticeable evening of my skin tone with daily use."

Kapha Revitalizing Body Oil

"I use all of the PRATIMA Herbal Body Oils based off of different moods or seasons, but I have to throw the Kapha formula some major love for being one that my husband and I both adore and use for daily skin noruishment and massage frequently. The combination of ingredients produces an uplifting and elevating aroma that is super unique! "

Love Oil

"Visually stunning, beautiful smelling, and silky smooth, this product has been my regular go-to gift when I want to impress and extend my love. I often pair this with PRATIMA Botanical Baby Oil if I want to give a new mommy a gift for her and the baby!"

View Sara's Favorites Dosha: vata / kapha
Dosha: vata / kapha

"Cooking a delicious meal for my family and friends is one of my favorite activities. Knowing my skin is a reflection of what I eat, I try to get creative with balancing foods and spices in each dish that make my tummy, and my skin, feel great!"
Ratrani Rose Replenishing Mist

"I love using this mist throughout the day. It's cooling and refreshing while adding a booste of hydration to my skin. The floral aromatherapy is heavenly and really uplifts my mood."

Kali Rai Toning Body Oil

"Having a good amount of Kapha in me means that I am prone to things like internal accumulation. I always keep my bottle of Kali Rai Toning Body Oil in my gym bag to use before and after I work out. This therapeutic oil works to both tone and detoxify while I work up a sweat."

Neem Soothing Mask

"This mask works wonders on stubborn blemishes. Powerful but gentle, this is my go-to to quickly calm and eliminate breakouts. Instead of water, I love mixing it with a couple drops of Sandalwood Soothing Lotion. 15 minutes usually does the trick but when needed, I apply before bed and rinse off in the morning."

Neem Rose Face Sunscreen SPF30

"I love that this sunscreen also hydrates, so I use it in place of my moisturizer in the summer time. It absorbs without leaving a white shadow and doesn't clog my pores, which is so important for my blemish prone skin. Since it's made with Neem, it actually works to help clear any congestion."

View Vasiana's Favorites Dosha: pitta / vata
Dosha: pitta / vata

"To keep my doshas in balance I like to do different breathing exercises. Alternate nostril breathing in the fall to balance my Vata, Kapalbhati in the winter to stimulate my Kapha, and Shitali breath in the summer to calm and cool my Pitta."
Pitta Herbal Cleanser

"This herbal cleanser is the perfect way to gently exfoliate my sensitive skin. It's cooling properties soothe and tone down my redness. I use it day and night to prevent breakouts."

Amla Collagen Cream

"This moisturizer is my favorite age delaying product. I use it everyday all over my face and neck area. It helps soften fine lines and naturally stimulates collagen production in my skin."

Rosacea Therapy Lotion

"As I am naturally prone to redness, the Rosacea Therapy Lotion works perfectly to even out my skin tone. I use it mainly on my cheeks and on my nose."

Anti-Stress Aroma Oil

"This oil is perfect to reset the day. I usually apply two drops  on my fingertips & temples and practice deep breathing."

View Caitlin's Favorites Dosha: pitta / vata
Dosha: pitta / vata

"Reading Dr. Pratima Raichur's 'Absolute Beauty' has encouraged me to practice mindfulness in every aspect in my life, from the food I eat, to the products I put onto my skin, to the thoughts I 'digest' throughout my day. Ayurveda isn't one-size-fits-all, but it is for everyone!"
Healing Neem Oil

"I use this multi-tasking herbal oil at home daily as a spot treatment for blemishes. It's also one of my camping must-haves! Healing Neem Oil helps treat hives, burns, bug bites, and so many other skin irritations. It also acts as a natural sun and bug repellent. Seriously, what can't this miracle oil do?"

Organic Hair Nutrients

"As Pratima says, 'Beautiful hair starts with the scalp.' I massage this oil onto my scalp in-between washes to nourish the skin and encourage healthy hair growth."

Botanical Moisture Cream

"This face moisturizer is lightweight, non-clogging, and packed with nutrients that help soothe my skin and make it feel so supple!"

Pitta Face Essential Oil

"I love this oil for 'feeding' my sensitive skin, and making it feel and look healthy and radiant, instantly. Remembering to do my nightly facial massage is so easy with this oil. The smell is incredible!"

View Michelle's Favorites pitta / kapha
pitta / kapha

"At the start and end of each day, I set five minutes aside to close my eyes and create a picture frame. I fill the frame with things I am grateful for, things I strive for, and actively remove anything that is not serving me positively. Ayurveda teaches that everything starts in the mind and it is important to pay attention to the energy our thoughts create. These simple daily check ins help me to be more mindful and stay tuned in!"
Sandalwood Soothing Lotion

My all-time favorite skincare product! I use the Sandalwood Soothing Lotion as a spot treatment to target any breakouts I feel surfacing, but it is something I like to keep in my household first aid kit as well because of its versatility. During the summer, you can apply it to bug bites - it not only relieves the itching but speeds healing time as well!

Rare Earth Mask

"Living in a dense city like NYC, I am always exposed to a variety of environmental impurities. I use this mask 1-2 times a week to give my skin a deeper cleanse and get out all the grime. As the earth mask dries, it absorbs impurities leaving me feeling fresh again."

Brahmi Nourishing Hair Oil

"A fantastic conditioning treatment for all hair types. I found that my hair was lacking moisure but most conditioners left it feeling weighed down. Our Brahmi Nourishing Hair Oil absorbs right in, giving me the nourishment I need without leaving my hair greasy."

Kumari Liquid Cleanser

"I use the Kumari Liquid Cleanser to remove my eye makeup in the evenings. It is a gentle formula perfect for daily use that also nourishes the area around the eyes as it cleanses. Add a pump or two to a cotton pad and gently massage around the eyes."


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