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Body Care


Rooted in ancient healing Ayurvedic rituals, our Massages relieve tension, support healthy detoxification and nourish the skin with warm herbal body oils.

Abhyanga Massage

60 min | $149

Our signature full body massage melts away muscle tension and liquefies toxins with the traditional anointment of warm herb-infused oils that penetrate deeply to bring true balance to the body, mind and senses.

Marma Abhyanga

90 min | $185

Our sublime full body massage releases the 108 marmas – junction points between the body, mind and emotions, with warm herbal oils to unlock deep-seated muscle strain, clear toxins and provide a profoundly healing experience.

Life Force Enhancer

60 min | $159

Renew your sense of vitality. This full body massage combines 7 pure essential oils along the spinal muscles to rebalance the nervous system and reawaken life force. Great for back pain, jet lag, and to strengthen immunity.

Scalp Massage Treatment

30 min | $89

A nourishing treatment that pampers the head, neck and shoulders with warm therapeutic oils. A perfect antidote for fatigue, headaches, computer overload, mental stress, scalp conditions and more. Tensions will disintegrate as tranquility sets in.

Padabhyanga Reflexology

30 min | $89

Ayurvedic reflexology works to awaken the entire being and restore equilibrium. Warm herbal oils applied along the root marma points help alleviate pain, reduce stress, detoxify and renew the body’s natural accordance.

Your safety and serenity is our top priority

We have made some important updates to our everyday practices to ensure a safe and healthy environment for our guests, as well as our team. These new procedures have been carefully crafted to meet the most stringent standards of hygiene and safety, while minimizing every possible disruption to our relaxing sanctuary of wellbeing. Learn more about our efforts here >


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