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Rejuvenating Pearl Cream
Rejuvenating Pearl Cream

For Dry / Very Dry Skin


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This nourishing, mineral-rich blend deeply hydrates, rejuvenates, helps minimize the appearance of lines, promote cell renewal, reduce redness and bring illumination and radiance to the skin. Pure pearl essence delivers natural calcium, abundant minerals, antioxidants and 22 amino acids to the skin.

In Ayurvedic medicine, gems have been used for thousands of years. Pearl essence is a special tonic that works to nourish tissue and soothe the skin, known to have all the luminescent qualities of the moon that brings a distinct radiance and glow.

The pure, dynamic botanicals of PRATIMA Moisturizers provide organic nutrients to help strengthen elasticity and guard against environmental depletion. The result – a renewed complexion with noticeably soft, radiant and replenished skin.


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Jasat Bhasma (Zinc)

Plays an important role in maintenance of cell membrane structure and functions of the skin, stimulates, moisturizes, keeping it soft and refreshed. With astringent and anti-septic properties, removes impurities by activating cell functions and protects skin from skin damage and darkening as a result of harmful sun rays and ultra-violate radiation.

Pearl Powder (Moti Bhasma)

Contains 22 amino acids, which are the building blocks of every living organism, comes from the inner shell layer. A natural moisturizer and source of calcium, rich in proteins, vitamin B complex and polysaccharides, pearl powder helps renew skin cells and prevent pigmentation by slowing down the development of melanin. Keeps skin clear and smooth with a radiant glow.


Highly nourishing and cooling, rose is able to penetrate tissue deeply and rapidly energize every cell, bringing true balance and harmony to the skin. Rose promotes cell regeneration and has a tonic and astringent effect, which makes it useful in diminishing the redness cause by large capillaries. Works as a general skin tonic, helps reduce skin allergies and inflammations. Its wonderful deep, sweet and fresh aroma therapeutic properties work as an antidepressant, antiseptic, antiviral, and nervous system sedative, helping relieve depression, grief and anger.

Vitamin A

Necessary for the maintenance and repair of skin tissue, helps in the reduction of lines, wrinkles, acne and other skin problems, purely sourced from carrots.

Vitamin E

Because of its antioxidant activity, vitamin E is vital in protecting skin cells from elements that produce cell damaging free radicals. Also, helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and is extremely effective in the treatment of scars, stretch marks and age spots. PRATIMA products are gluten-free; our vitamin E is sourced from sunflower and safflowers oils.


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DIRECTIONS: Apply to face and neck after using your appropriate PRATIMA Essential Oil. Use twice daily.

TIPS: Also works great on winter elbows and dry, cracked hands.

HOW TO CARE FOR MY PRODUCTS: Keep product away from sunlight, heat, and moisture. Close tightly after each use, and always use clean, dry hands if coming in contact with the formula.

SHELF LIFE: Since there are no preservatives, please use within 6-7 months.


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