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Zoom PRATIMA Skincare Tranquil Escape Holiday Gift Set 2023

Tranquil Escape


For Everyone

Float away with a dreamy collection of aromatherapy rituals that ease the mind to a state of joy and relaxation.

Float away with a dreamy collection of aromatherapy rituals that ease the mind to a state of joy and relaxation. This limited edition set includes our signature Anti-Stress Aroma Oil, ideal during yoga and meditation or throughout the day to soothe the senses. With an exotic, uplifting aroma and skin-toning properties, Jasmine Organic Bath Oil offers holistic wellness, while Jasmine Flower Tea naturally cleanses the body and rejuvenates the skin. Complete the ritual with Ethically Sourced White Sage to purify any space from negative emotions. This Ayurvedic wellness set offers the gift of harmony and peace. 


With complimentary eco-friendly gift wrapping, this set includes:

Anti-Stress Aroma Oil, 0.25 fl oz

Melt away stress and embrace the warmth of vanilla, cardamom, and jasmine essential oils in this natural aromatherapy tincture.

Jasmine Organic Bath Oil, 2 fl oz

Combine the power of jasmine aromatherapy with a skin-silkening bath in this exotic floral experience for the body and mind.

Ethically Sourced White Sage, 1 piece

The ancient ritual of smudging, or burning healing herbs, helps to cleanse a space from negative emotions. Sage is often used to purify the air and renew energy.

Organic Jasmine Flower Tea, 3-4 servings

Pure jasmine flowers create a beautiful, relaxing addition to any bath ritual. Food-grade and edible, these flowers can also be steeped in an herbal tea.

All skin types


Bath and body care

Anti-Stress Aroma Oil: Sweet Orange, Vanilla, Cardamom, Basil, Jasmine.

Jasmine Organic Bath Oil: Sunflower Oil, Almond Oil, Sesame Oil, Jasmine.

Ethically Sourced White Sage: Pure Sage

Organic Jasmine Flower Tea: Pure, organic & edible Jasmine Flower buds

Explore our complete ingredient glossary.

Anti-Stress Aroma Oil: Apply a few drops on temples, earlobes, throat and wrists. Breathe in deeply.

Jasmine Organic Bath Oil: Add a few drops to warm bath water. Inhale…

Ethically Sourced White Sage: Light sage and let burn for a few seconds, then blow out. Walk through rooms or open spaces while the burning embers release a cleansing smoke.

Organic Jasmine Flower Tea: Steep 1-2 teaspoons of Jasmine Flower in 8 oz of hot water for 3-5 minutes. Can also be sprinkled into a warm bath for skin and aromatherapy benefits.

Pairs well with:

Love Oil


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Tranquil Escape



Add a few drops of Anti-Stress Aroma Oil on a tissue and place inside your pillow case at bedtime. Let the aroma guide you into deep relaxation.

Jasmine Organic Bath Oil can also be used for body massage.

Burn Ethically Sourced White Sage anytime you wish to reset the energy in a space or as a relaxing preparation before meditation.

Organic Jasmine Flower Tea can also be used to enhance a warm bath ritual.

Care & Shelf Life

Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight and moisture. Close the bottles and jars tightly after each use. Since these formulas contain no artificial preservatives, please use within 5-6 months.

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