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Meet Pratima

Ayurvedic physician, doctor of Naturopathy, chemist, botanist, author, and founder of PRATIMA Skincare

"When I created PRATIMA, my goal was to offer the wisdom of Ayurveda that I have studied over the course of my life to anyone looking for natural, lasting results. Back in the 1980's when I introduced my formulas, this was quite a new concept.

Now, I am happy to see so many people seeking alternative solutions that avoid ingredients like harmful chemicals, synthetics, and artificial preservatives. I always tell my clients, whatever you put on your skin should be good enough to eat."

- Dr. Pratima Raichur

Pratima's Journey


At the young age of 13, Pratima begins apprenticing with a prominent Ayurvedic Physician, Dr. Rele, ultimately igniting her passion for Ayurveda and holistic healing.


Pratima receives her degrees in science, chemistry and botany at the University of Mumbai in India, and her Ayurvedic degree in Behar North India. She goes on to gain a wealth of experience in various hospitals throughout India.


Pratima spends a year in the UK at Seamen’s Hospital, working in pathology and clinical chemistry while also working at Hull University, performing extensive research in the biochemistry department.


Back in India, Pratima comes to her ultimate path in holistic beauty, starting her journey as a pioneer of Ayurvedic skincare. While working at one of India’s prominent cancer research hospitals, she uses her extensive knowledge of botanical remedies to heal fellow colleagues suffering from bad skin reactions. Word of her curative abilities spread, and soon others ask for her help.

1973 - 1976

Pratima takes a sabbatical from her position at the hospital and returns to her Ayurvedic education. She begins her home practice with her own formulas in the first space dedicated to treating skin conditions through Ayurveda, performing therapeutic facials, and prescribing internal herbs. Her practice grows exponentially, all through word of mouth.


Pratima moves to Manhattan with her husband and continues her home practice, laying the foundation for the PRATIMA we know today.


Finalizing her skincare formulations, Pratima establishing the beginnings of the current PRATIMA line, incorporating pure herbs, plants, and flowers into every organic formula.


Pratima’s practice becomes increasingly popular, allowing her to open her first New York City clinic on 56th street in Manhattan.


Pratima writes and publishes Absolute Beauty, the first and only modern-day resource for Ayurvedic beauty and lifestyle, making holistic beauty methods accessible to all.


PRATIMA Spa, New York City’s first green Ayurvedic Spa and Wellness center, opens its doors in SoHo, featuring a holistic, healing, safe haven among the bustling streets of New York. An instant success, PRATIMA Spa becomes the ultimate destination for clients seeking natural therapies for balance and rejuvenation.


Her online debut, launches, offering Pratima’s complete collection of organic, Ayurvedic skincare products for the first time to clients across the country.


Pratima celebrates her 75th birthday and over 40 years of her Ayurvedic practice with fellow wellness industry friends, clients, and colleagues.


Pratima continues to curate her personally formulated collection of PRATIMA products while working with clients as the premiere Ayurvedic doctor of New York City.

"The gift of Ayurveda has taught me the language of the skin, the secrets of balance, and the gentle wisdom of purification of the soul. May it help to make your own journey towards absolute beauty an effortless, joyful, and successful adventure."

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