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What to Expect During Your Ayurvedic Consultation

Ayurvedic Consultations are a proven way to alleviate and heal skin problems, remedy imbalances, and holistically address health concerns. Dr. Pratima Raichur applies a combination of internal and external regimens, using Ayurvedic healing herbs and optimal lifestyle and nutrition guidelines in accordance with your Dosha's needs.

Getting started

To help prepare for your Ayurvedic Consultation, our team will collect basic information about your current health conditions and any concerns you would like to address with Dr. Raichur. You may share additional photos, medical records, or reports at your discretion.

Your personalized session

During your virtual Ayurvedic Consultation, Dr. Raichur will discuss the concerns you would like to work on, and assess the source of the imbalance, offering personalized guidance for nutrition, herbal supplements, skincare, and lifestyle changes as applicable. At the end of your session, you will receive your Ayurvedic prescription detailing your Dosha and your recommended protocol from Dr. Raichur.

The path forward

To help you on your journey, our team will provide ongoing assistance with wellness guides and regular check-ins to support your progress. A dedicated portal will include your records, a video recording of your consultation to review at your convenience, Ayurvedic lifestyle resources, and more.

Ayurvedic Consultation FAQs

How is an Ayurvedic Consultation different from traditional Western medicine?

Holistic in nature, Ayurveda treats the individual as a complete ecosystem where each area of the mind and body depends on harmonious, symbiotic relationships with all other areas. Treatment recommendations for all concerns will therefore include nutritional guidance, herbal supplements, and lifestyle updates to encourage positive, lasting change at the cellular level.

What types of imbalances does Dr. Raichur address?

Ayurvedic Consultations with Dr. Raichur cover a wide variety of specialties, including skin and dermatology concerns, hormonal imbalances, mental wellbeing, and pre and postnatal care. Dr. Raichur also offers customized Natural Facelift Exercises and Guided Meditation sessions.

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What type of herbal supplements will I be prescribed?

Depending on your condition, Dr. Raichur will recommend a customized regimen of healing herbal supplements formulated to offer concentrated doses of nutrition that are difficult to achieve in diet alone. Privately and directly crafted for Dr. Raichur, herbal supplements are developed through an ionization process that ensures optimal quality and purity standards. These natural remedies help detoxify, cleanse, and rebalance the mind-body system to allow for holistic healing and rejuvenation.

How long will it take to see results?

No two conditions are exactly alike, and your progress will depend on your unique concern, including how long you have been experiencing the imbalance, your current lifestyle, and your ability to follow the recommended regimen. Many clients see results within the first two weeks, while others progress at a more modest rate. Follow up appointments are often advised to track your development and adjust recommendations as your mind and body shift back towards balance, with less guidance needed over time.

Do you offer shipping outside of the U.S for consultation prescriptions?

We gladly support international shipping for Ayurvedic Consultation clients outside of the U.S. To receive your prescription package, you will need to have a personal account with an international shipping provider. We recommend UPS, FedEx, and DHL, but you may choose the provider of your preference. After your consultation, a member of our team will help coordinate all shipping instructions.

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