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Ayurvedic Consultation Follow Up

For current clients.

Follow up on your journey with Dr. Pratima Raichur to assess your progress, adjust your regimen for ongoing success, and update herbal supplements.

Appointments available via Zoom video or phone.

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Explore More Ayurvedic Consultation Services with Dr. Pratima Raichur

Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation

In this virtual customized consultation, Dr. Raichur will provide guidance and balance into your life through everyday Ayurvedic rituals aligned with:

The 24-hour Dosha cycle

Optimal nutrition for your Dosha

Recommended herbal supplements to support wellness goals

Ayurvedic wisdom channeled through Dr. Raichur to elevate physical and mental wellbeing

This session offers an ideal starting point for a healing and wellness journey or for those looking to deepen their current daily practices.


Skin & Dermatology Concerns

For effective relief from chronic skin conditions, including rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, acne, premature aging, hyperpigmentation, rashes, inflammation, and more, Dr. Raichur offers over 50 years of experience healing dermatological concerns through holistic Ayurvedic solutions. Personalized recommendations will include:

Customized dietary guidelines

Healing herbal supplements

Corrective and preventative topical remedies

This session is suitable for adults, teens, children, and babies looking for lasting results.


Hormone Balance

A personalized consultation for hormonal imbalances related to menopause, thyroid conditions, women’s health, and more, Dr. Raichur uses a comprehensive understanding of current conditions and symptoms to offer holistic solutions to balance mental and physical health. During your consultation, you will receive:

Customized nutritional guidance

Herbal supplement recommendations

Ayurvedic self-care practices for everyday balance

This session is ideal for symptoms related to hormonal imbalance, including skin conditions, digestion, hair growth changes, and more. 


Ayurvedic Detoxification

Welcome real change and make progress toward your wellness goals with a seasonal Ayurvedic detoxification. Throughout regular daily life, ama (a Sanskrit word meaning undigested food, thought, and emotion) accumulates in the body and mind. In this session, Dr. Raichur will offer a personalized detoxification regimen catered to your dosha condition, the current season, and your unique wellness goals. This session includes:

• Assessment of current condition and goals

• Detoxifying nutrition guidance

• Herbal supplement recommendations 

• Ayurvedic lifestyle and detoxification recommendations

Ideally performed during seasonal changes, but available year-round with a modified mid-season version, this session provides a personalized, holistic path to cleanse, awaken cellular intelligence and offer optimal healing in the body and mind. 


Natural Facelift Exercise

Strengthen facial muscles and create firmer skin through a series of therapeutic lifting exercises led by Dr. Raichur. In this private tutorial, you will learn a highly effective and easy-to-follow facial exercise routine to:

Retrain your muscles

Promote elasticity

Prevent signs of premature aging according to your dosha and unique facial structure

An ideal prevention and curative therapy, this session includes a customized PRATIMA Skincare Body Oil.


Guided Meditation

Explore the intuitive power of meditation in this guided session with Dr. Raichur. Through a comprehensive understanding of your current lifestyle and goals, this customized tutorial will offer tools to:

Create your meditative space

Build your practice into an everyday ritual

Use pranayama and mantras to both open and quiet your mind

This session will give you the guidance to unlock your inner capacity to heal, love, and transform.


Life After 70

Through an age-positive and affirming approach, Dr. Raichur will guide your journey to explore what’s ahead, offering the wisdom of Ayurveda as tools for this next chapter of continuous personal growth. In these personalized sessions, you will receive:

Nutrition guidance

Herbal supplement recommendations 

Skincare expertise

Ayurvedic lifestyle wisdom to support the unique physiological and psychological needs of the golden years

This session provides inspirational tools for vitality, happiness, and fulfillment for the mind, body, and spirit.


Pre & Postnatal Care

Ideal for new and expecting mothers, learn holistic tools that prepare and support the body and mind during each stage of pregnancy and childbirth. During your personalized session, Dr. Raichur will offer:

Holistic nutritional recommendations

Spiritual guidance

Physical therapies that strengthen and empower the body’s natural maternal instincts

This session is tailored to support mothers at any stage of their journey.


Happiness & Mental Wellbeing

Tap into your innate abilities to find joy, love, and your happiest self. In this session, you will explore time-tested methods to connect to a deeper state of consciousness that can be applied anywhere and anytime. With Dr. Raichur, you will receive:

Daily self-care rituals

Nutrition guidance

Herbal supplement recommendations 

This session provides a path to independent happiness and joy, exploring the healing journey of self-care and personal fulfillment.


Weight Management

Unlock the wisdom of Ayurvedic weight management with Dr. Raichur. Learn more about your Dosha and mind-body type with tailored recommendations customized to your unique physiological needs. During your consultation, you will explore:

Nutrition guidelines for your Dosha

Recommendations for herbal supplements

Daily Ayurvedic lifestyle change for the body and mind

This session is ideal for those looking for holistic recommendations that identify practical changes to support health goals in a supportive environment.


Receive a complimentary copy of

Absolute Beauty

Further your journey of Ayurvedic wellness and beauty with a signed copy of Dr. Raichur's best-selling book, included with your first Ayurvedic Consultation.

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What to Expect

An Ayurvedic Consultation with Dr. Pratima Raichur is a carefully guided wellness path with holistic health resources, individualized support, and ongoing recommendations to help you achieve your goals.

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