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Kali Rai Toning Body Oil
Kali Rai Toning Body Oil

For Cellulite / Toning

4fl oz/120ml

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This invigorating massage oil helps to increase circulation, detoxify, tone and reduce the appearance of cellulite with a therapeutic blend of Mustard Oil, Cypress, Patchouli and Juniper.

For best results, use after PRATIMA Herbal Body Cleanser/Mask.


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This root is used medicinally and has strong antiseptic, antibacterial , bitter and carminative properties. Increases circulation and relieves joint pain and soothes skin inflammations. Calamus also excels as a relaxant, despite its stimulating properties.

Cypress Oil

Distilled from the leaves of the evergreen tree, cypress oil stimulates circulation and helps ease muscle and joint aches/pains. A general detoxifying and decongestant oil, it is anti-bacterial and anti-microbial, and helps reduce cellulite and scar tissue as well as nervous tension.


Contains the antioxidant gingerol, with fights skin-damaging free radicals and promotes smooth and even skin tone. As a natural anti-inflammatory and energizer, eases joint and muscle discomfort as well as soothe and relax tension. With a strong warming effect, it helps promote circulation. The phenol compounds in ginger are also responsible for its pain-relieving abilities.


Well known for its stimulating and cleansing properties, juniper helps treat a variety of ailments from skin irritations to arthritis. With high levels of astringent and antiseptic properties, it is great in treating cellulite by stimulating the skin’s connective tissue and encouraging circulation to help fat cells dissolve and make skin firmer. Also helps prevent tissue degeneration, calms redness and inflammation and excellent for treating aches and pains.

Mustard Seed Oil

Extracted by cold compression, Mustard Seed Oil is a stimulating antibacterial and antifungal agent. When applied externally, it stimulates circulation while the fatty acids nourish tissue. It also stimulates sweat glands to help remove toxins, excess salts and water from the body.


Derived from a plant that originally comes from India, Patchouli is a strong antiseptic and bactericidal herb used to treat many skin conditions, improve circulation and assist in reducing pain and discomfort. Rich in minerals, such as calcium, iron, phosphorus, sodium, and potassium, as well as vitamins A and C, its aroma-therapeutic properties are anti-depressive and help to stimulate the mental sphere.

Sesame Seed Oil

Mentioned in the Vedas as an excellent healer to balance the Vata dosha. Naturally antibacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory, sesame is a potent antioxidant that neutralizes oxygen radicals in the tissues beneath the skin. Penetrates extremely quickly to nourish, protect and feed the cells and tighten facial skin. Helps increase circulation and has a warming effect.

Ylang Ylang

Contains antibacterial elements, helps to balance the skin and reduce sebum production. Has a fresh, sweet, floral aroma with a calming, soothing and sedative effect.


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DIRECTIONS: Massage vigorously on problem areas twice daily. For best results, apply after PRATIMA Herbal Body Cleanser/Mask.

TIPS: Also recommended before or after workouts.

HOW TO CARE FOR MY PRODUCTS: Keep in a cabinet away from direct sunlight. Close tightly after each usage.

SHELF LIFE: Since there are no preservatives, please use within 4-5 months.

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