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PRATIMA Ayurvedic Skincare Liposomes Vitamin C Serum
Liposomes Vitamin C Serum

Use with Essential Oils / For All Skin Types

1fl oz/30ml

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The perfect companion for our Face Essential Oils, this exclusive PRATIMA formula features pure organic soybeans and antioxidants C and E that support the transport of nutrients deep into the 7 layers of the skin to help promote cell renewal, firm tissue and support collagen production. A key element of a restorative natural skincare routine, these organic botanicals minimize the appearance of fine lines, pores, blemishes, discoloration, hyperpigmentation, and scars.

A PRATIMA Skincare best-seller.

Beauty editor love for Liposomes Vitamin C Serum:

“The lesson I learned after years of struggle is to not strip your skin—it shouldn’t feel tight and dry after cleansing. At night, I deeply moisturize with a mix of PRATIMA Skincare’s Liposomes Vitamin C Serum and Rejuvenating Essential Oil.” - Byrdie

May not be suitable for very sensitive skin types.

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Customer Reviews

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Cat From the Mat
Face oil ally

I use this in addition to my face oils, since it not only stretches out the bottle but it helps the oil spread more evenly. The Vitamin C fights off any skin damage by repairing the sun blotches. esp after a cleansing shower when my pores are open.


I read Pratima's book in year 2007 and I was esthetician for 10 years, used many products but recently, I developed some kind of seasonal allergy where my skin around my mouth area and eyelids will get flared up. When I picked my Pratima's book from my bookshelf and I order this product. I started using it with some hesitation but it's miracle that how my skin responded. It's calm, hydrated and glowing now.

marisa flood
Secret Sauce

I have used this serum for many years combined with the nourishing oil. They are a remarkable duo that makes for an amazing nourishment for the skin. My skin craves this combination. Try it you won't be disappointed!

Sheena Bhalla
Liposomes Vitamin C Serum

When I use this serum paired up with the face essential oil, the smell itself takes me to another world! It is lovely! Does not cause my skin to be oily and I feel confident all day knowing that my face is moisturized and also protected by a product that is all natural. Definitely worth it!

K. Lawrence
Great Product

I have very reactive skin these days and a lot of the vitamin c products I have used have left my face hot and irritated. This is one of the very few that doesn’t.



Also referred as Indian Gooseberry, amla is an antioxidant containing the richest and highest natural source of vitamin C, with anti-bacterial and astringent properties that help prevent infection and promote the healing of skin. It is referred to in ancient text as the best medicine to prevent aging and a rasayana (a promoter of health, longevity and great complexion). Amla contains a high concentration of minerals, amino acids and high density of tannins and polyophenols and flavonoids, as well as strong immunity boosting properties. Promotes glow on the skin and delays wrinkles. For the hair and scalp, it acts as a natural conditioner, slows hair loss and graying, and increases thickness and texture.

Distilled Water

Distillation boils pure H2O out of its contaminants; steam is condensed, preserved, and made ready for use in high quality skincare.


An astringent and active antioxidant, helps clear excess oil on the skin and has a toning effect. Stimulates healthy circulation, and maintain muscle tone and elasticity of the skin and connective tissue. Due to the estrogenic properties, it helps with bruises, fights wrinkles and promotes more youthful complexions.


Regarded as the king of the flowers, contains sweet, exotic and rich aroma-therapeutic properties and has been long used for its divine scent. Deeply relaxes, lifts depression and boosts confidence. Jasmine has soothing, anti-inflammatory and healing properties, tones and improves skin elasticity.


Highly nourishing and cooling, rose is able to penetrate tissue deeply and rapidly energize every cell, bringing true balance and harmony to the skin. Rose promotes cell regeneration and has a tonic and astringent effect, which makes it useful in diminishing the redness cause by large capillaries. Works as a general skin tonic, helps reduce skin allergies and inflammations. Its wonderful deep, sweet and fresh aroma therapeutic properties work as an antidepressant, antiseptic, antiviral, and nervous system sedative, helping relieve depression, grief and anger.

Soya Bean

The protein in Soya Bean is complete as it contains all the essential amino acids. They provide one of the most important sources of oil, protein, vitamins and minerals, including B complex, biotin, lecithin and folic acid. A nutritious food for the skin.


Take our Dosha Quiz to learn more about your dosha, or mind-body type, and your customized regimen of skincare solutions for your specific wellness needs.

DIRECTIONS: Use twice daily after cleansing. Mix 3 -4 drops of Liposomes with appropriate PRATIMA Essential Oil. Massage gently on face and neck until fully absorbed. Not suitable for very sensitive skin.

TIPS: To reduce the appearance of scars, combine a few drops of vitamin E with 3-4 drops of Liposomes and massage on affected area. You can also use the contents of the vitamin E capsule.

HOW TO CARE FOR MY PRODUCTS: Keep product away from sunlight, heat, and moisture. Close tightly after each use, and always use clean, dry hands if coming in contact with the formula.

SHELF LIFE: Since there are no preservatives, please use within 4-5 months.


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