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Saffron Eye Ghee
Saffron Eye Ghee

For Eye Nourishment


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A deeply nourishing remedy and preventative solution for dryness, dark circles, and wrinkles, this rich formula of organic saffron-infused ghee diminishes lines while brightening and hydrating the delicate skin around the eyes.

A key step in our age delay skincare collection, this eye care formula activates the skin's innate vitality, or ojas in Sanskrit, to strengthen skin, soften tissue, and sedate cellular aging for smooth, luminous results. For best results, apply after our Rejuvenating Face Essential Oil.

PRATIMA's natural eye creams utilize Ayurvedic herbs and botanicals to rejuvenate and protect the skin where the first signs of premature aging often appear first.

Beauty editor love for Saffron Eye Ghee:

"Saffron Eye Ghee combines a number of Ayurvedic superheroes — ghee, saffron, and rose, which help nourish and brighten the delicate under-eye area." - The Zoe Report


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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Elizabeth Killduff
Luxurious eye cream

Just a dot of this amazing eye cream minimizes the lines around my eyes and makes them look radiant. I notice the lines around my eyes have faded with regular use and my eyes seem brighter. I don't leave the house without it.

Love me some Saffron Eye Ghee

Ayurvedic ingredients make my skin so happy! Saffron Eye Ghee feels and smells wonderful when I put it on my skin, and my eye area looks softened....rejuvenated. I love it- a little luxury in a jar...Thank you!

Lana Homeri
Amazing revival for the eyes

This product has the BEST scent ever and is so hydrating for the under eyes and makes them look rejuvenated.

Eyes look brighter and less tired

This eye cream has made a big difference in the appearance of my dark circles and lines. My eyes looks brighter and less tired. I love the smell of the natural ingredients!

Dani Harvie
Pure luxury

So very rich - a real luxury and I think it’s smoothing my eye area too. Would recommend.



One of nature's richest moisturizers and considered the single most ojas producing food on earth.With cooling properties and nourishing properties, ghee penetrates deep into the tissues to strengthen and protect the skin, help slow down cellular aging and relieve fatigued eyes. Extremely strengthening and softening on skin tissue.


Highly nourishing and cooling, rose is able to penetrate tissue deeply and rapidly energize every cell, bringing true balance and harmony to the skin. Rose promotes cell regeneration and has a tonic and astringent effect, which makes it useful in diminishing the redness cause by large capillaries. Works as a general skin tonic, helps reduce skin allergies and inflammations. Its wonderful deep, sweet and fresh aroma therapeutic properties work as an antidepressant, antiseptic, antiviral, and nervous system sedative, helping relieve depression, grief and anger.


A flower with antibacterial properties that increases circulation, helps treat hyper-pigmentation and promotes moisture retention and skin luster.


Translating as 'three fruit', triphala contains the herbs Amalaki, Bibhitaki and Haritaki and is one of the best natural sources of vitamin C. Highly anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-viral, it helps in the production of collagen, keeping skin supple and thick and enhances the skin's natural resistance to free radical damage and photo-sensitivity. Triphala works to balances all three Doshas and is highly rejuvenating.


Take our Dosha Quiz to learn more about your dosha, or mind-body type, and your customized regimen of skincare solutions for your specific wellness needs.

DIRECTIONS: Due to its rich nature, massage a very small amount around the eyes morning and night.

TIPS: Also great on lips!

During winter, for an all-day deeply rejuvenating eye treatment, massage 1 drop of Rejuvenating Essential Oil around the eye area until absorbed and follow with Saffron Eye Ghee. You will notice a true difference!

HOW TO CARE FOR MY PRODUCTS. Keep product away from sunlight, heat, and moisture. Close tightly after each use, and always use clean, dry hands if coming in contact with the formula.

SHELF LIFE: Since there are no preservatives, please use within 3-4 months.


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