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Who Should Pursue an Ayurvedic Detoxification?

October 6th, 2023  By: Jocelyn Tobias


Ayurvedic detoxification is about awakening the intelligence in every cell of the body. According the Ayurveda, imbalance or disease comes from a build-up of toxicity that causes blockages and makes the cells to forget their intended functions. This happens to all of us naturally over time simply by living our busy lives, and enduring the stressors that go along with them. It can also happen in more acute ways if your life consistently goes against the cycles of nature and natural circadian rhythms, and if stress goes completely unchecked, along with perpetual unhealthy nutrition choices.

An Ayurvedic detoxification offers a clean slate, something that everyone needs on a periodic basis. Ayurveda recommends detoxification at seasonal transitions or, at minimum every six months to rid the mind-body of ama, which translates as accumulated foods, thoughts, or emotions. Ama accumulates naturally every season as a by-product of cellular metabolism, environmental toxins, as well as our emotions and behavioral patterns. The greater we move out of balance, the greater the accumulation of ama. Ayurvedic detoxification helps purge ama while readying the mind and body for life-affirming nourishment. 

The body is an expert, and it is always trying to heal itself. So why do some of us still struggle with ongoing conditions or feel sluggish or depressed, either frequently or from time to time? The key factor at play here is our environment. Have you ever tried to get computer work done with only a sliver of battery life left? Even if you manage to rush and get the task done before the computer shuts down, what is the quality of that work? Ayurvedic detoxification is about recharging our life force so the body can get back to doing the magical, healing work it is meant to do at full capacity.


What Ayurvedic Detoxification is NOT

This detox is not a fad diet or weight loss program, although weight loss is possible within a healthy range conducive to your dosha. It is also not intended as an a la carte menu of wellness suggestions. To realize the benefits of this program, all of the different pieces must work together as a holistic healing module. 


How Ayurvedic Detoxification Differs From Traditional Detox Programs 

With many detoxification programs popping up constantly, natural or otherwise, it can be hard to discern which one is best for you. Many programs include strict, rigorous rules that promise highly aspirational results. For some people, these one-size-fits-all detoxes work as intended, while for most others, they work to a degree, then falter. Oftentimes, this is because the guidance offered is incongruent with the body's intrinsic qualities. 

In Ayurveda, each person is seen as a unique individual with unique needs. For this reason, the personalized approach of Ayurvedic detoxification allows us to listen to the clues of your constitution and wellness goals, curating a special program of cleansing rituals and healthy habits that produce real change and lasting results. 

Ayurvedic Detoxification with Dr. Pratima Raichur

In an Ayurvedic detoxification program with Dr. Pratima Raichur, you will receive customized nutritional guidance in the form of key foods and food groups to avoid. While you might have to forgo some of your favorite meals or ingredients for a period of time, we hope you see this experience as a chance to get creative about new dishes that will inspire and satisfy your senses. It's all about striking a balance: if one food is no longer serving you, replace it with something better. This nutritional plan should enrich your diet, not restrict it. 

Dr. Raichur will also recommend herbal supplements to take during your detoxification program. These herbs are prescribed based on your constitution and wellness condition. More akin to food than medicine or pharmaceutical drugs, these herbs are a form of concentrated nutrition that can be hard to obtain from your diet alone.

Along with food and herbal supplements, Dr. Raichur might also provide meditation guidance and Ayurvedic lifestyle recommendations. Another vital piece of information she will share is how to shift your mental habits. Ayurveda teaches us that our perspective, the way in which we interpret the world around us, is the real architect of our lives. It's easy to understand the food we eat as nutrition or something our bodies consume. Likewise, our thoughts and emotions - accompanied by their associating hormones - are also digested by the body. Our lifestyle, quality of relationships, degree of community connection, and more, all contribute to our levels of physical, emotional, and spiritual balance.

To welcome real change, we must be willing to let go of the things that are longer impacting us in a positive light. The body will be working hard to cleanse, and while you could feel some mild discomfort or heightened emotions, it is not an intense or stressful experience.

Ayurvedic detoxification allows us to press the reset button, giving us the opportunity to live fuller, healthier, more productive lives from the inside out. Learn more about Ayurvedic Detoxification with Dr. Pratima Raichur, contact our Wellness team at 


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